Ishikari No. 4 LNG Storage Tank

The aboveground LNG tank constructed in Ishikari, Hokkaido is among the largest such tanks in the world as well as the northernmost in Japan. The project was completed using some new techniques. For one, the concrete foundation was poured all in one batch, shortening the delivery time. In addition, the environmental impact was mitigated by using fly ash cement.

Location: Hokkaido, Japan
Client: Hokkaido Electric Power Co., Inc.
Outline: LNG aboveground tank construction
Construction Period: March 2016–October 2020

Tsukuba DC Extended Building

This is one of the largest logistics facilities even for Hitachi Transport System Group.
Hitachi Construction Machinery will occupy the building located next to an expressway, taking advantage of the easy transportation access. The company will be able to efficiently supply construction machinery maintenance components to customers in Japan and abroad.

Location: Ibaraki, Japan
Client: Hitachi Transport System, Ltd.
Total Floor Area: 22,379 m2
Construction Period: December 2018–October 2020

KYOCERA Shiga Yasu Plant No. 29 Building

The new factory building was constructed to enhance Kyocera’s development of its own equipment, including automation of production equipment with robots and AI, and to enlarge the company’s production space.

Location: Shiga, Japan
Total Floor Area: 13,305 m2
Construction Period: April 2019–October 2020

First Head Office of the Imperial Steel Works, Japan. (Restoration Project)

The building was seismically retrofitted to stabilize it in 2014, but the interior was not addressed at that time. The recent construction was conducted to restore, repair, and maintain the interior to the state it had upon opening in 1899. *The building interior is not open to the public.

Location: Fukuoka, Japan
Total Floor Area: 998 m2
Construction Period: May 2018–September 2020

Mizuho Marunouchi Tower Japanese Bankers Association Marunouchi TERRACE

This joint project of three companies is located in one of Tokyo’s best-known office
districts. It comprises an assembly hall, which will also serve as a base for financial
institutions, as well as an office building and commercial facility.

Location: Tokyo, Japan Total
Floor Area: 180,878 m2
Construction Period: October 2016–September 2020
Construction: OBAYASHI Joint Venture