The Good Design Award program evaluates and honors tangible and intangible products, architecture, software, systems, services, and more for quality. The program defines design as something created by people to achieve some ideal or purpose. Since the program’s start in 1957, its G Mark has become a familiar symbol. Four works associated with Obayashi won Good Design Award for 2020.

The Parkhouse Kobe Tower

The condominium tower maintains history and culture while becoming
a new landmark connecting a new generation to their community.

The valuable interior of
the existing building is used to good advantage. (Photo: Kazuo Natori)

PROUD CITY Sendai Kamisugiyamadori

The condominium building was designed to blend into the line of
ginkgo trees as they change with the seasons.

Louvers line the gently arcing approach while the canopy beckons

Mitejima Bldg.

A sloping approach encircles the building in which many persons with
disabilities work.

Conventional stairs with
evacuation slope on the side. (Photo: YOSHIHIRO ASADA/ViBRAphoto)


The hotel as seen from Muromachi Street in the heart of Kyoto

A long, narrow
garden connects
the restaurant in
front with the bar
in back. (Photo: Taken by Forward Stroke,
provided courtesy of NTT Urban Development Co., Ltd.)