The New-Tech R&D Presentations, introducing R&D results of the Obayashi Group, took place in October 2020. In a typical year, the event would happen at the Technology Research Institute, but was held online this time because of COVID-19. There were 19 presentations from Obayashi and one each from NAIGAI TECHNOS, OBAYASHI FACILITIES, OBAYASHI ROAD, and OAK INFORMATION SYSTEM. The total of 23 presentations were streamed over the Microsoft Teams business communications platform, which was also how the question-and-answer sessions were conducted. While all presentations were in Japanese, there were also viewers from overseas branches and subsidiaries. A total of 1,060 persons watched over the three days of the event.

Presenting new noncombustible wood

Introducing a portable building inspection system

Introducing a high-endurance asphalt concrete
needing no curing time (OBAYASHI ROAD)

Presenting the latest web application