Since July 2019, the Obayashi Asia-Pacific Regional Headquarters’ Taoyuan LNG construction site office has been constructing two 160,000 m3 precast liquefied natural gas (LNG) aboveground storage tanks at the third LNG terminal for state-run oil company CPC Corporation, Taiwan. In a span of 25 hours on November 3–4, 2020, it poured 6,900 m3 of concrete to form a foundation 82 meters in diameter to make a floor for the second storage tank. Because of COVID-19 concerns, the Obayashi Head Office was unable to provide human support and therefore asked related parties such as other construction site offices in Taiwan and joint venture partners in this project for assistance. The 51 members of “Team Taiwan,” who were all Taiwanese except for four Japanese, managed the continuous concrete pouring over the many hours it took.

With an improved pouring method, the 30 hours it took to
continuously pour concrete for the foundation of the first
tank was trimmed by five hours for the second one.

The companies sent credentialed persons with plenty of
construction site experience to give support at the wet
concrete plant.