Construction is our main service and activity to perform the Design into the Actual Building or Facility, involving various aspect and strategy to realize the Owner’s Requirement. We implement Plan-Do-Check-Action, synergize with our Experienced Project Manager, Professional Engineer, Skilled Labour blended with Japanese Construction Technology to achieve project safety, quality, on time delivery, and reasonable cost. To keep International Standard Quality and fulfil the clients satisfactory, we implement the Quality Management System ISO 9001, Safety Management System OHSAS 18001, and Environment Management System ISO 14001.

Business Flow

Marketing Information
To get project tender information from current Client or prospective Client

Organize All Division (Design, Estimation, Technical, ME, SQE) to provide proper Tender Proposal

  • Assign Project Site Organization
  • Conduct Kick Off Internal – External
  • Control Monthly Progress
  • Project Advisory for Safety, Quality & Environment
  • Monthly Safety Patrol
  • Hand Over Inspection
  • 1 Year Maintenance
  • 1 Year Inspection
  • Maintain good communication to Client

Construction Scopes


Sub Structure

Substructure Construction will involving various of knowledge discipline such as Geo-technical, Soil Mechanics, Foundation Engineering, Dewatering System and etc. Sub-structure construction is very important thing for the building since all the building load will be transferred to the rock soil through the Foundation.


Upper Structure

Upper structure commonly performed by steel or RC, it depends on Structural and Architectural needs and cost benefit.


Exterior Finishing

Exterior Finishing or Façade is representing Architect and Owner’s sense of art and idea to demonstrate their building image to public.


Interior Finishing

Interior finishing is content from the compilation of Room Function, Sense of Art of the client, Material Selection and Cost Availability.


External Work

External Work content of road, drainage, gardening, planting guard house and other similar building function.


Quality Control

To ensure the building quality, according to the standard specification requirement in the contract during construction we carry out inspection and testing. Remedial or re-construction will be executed for the part of building which not comply with the standard.