PT. Jaya Obayashi is responsible for carrying out maintenance of the buildings that have been built by ourself. These maintenances are necessary to keep the safety and quality of the building at the highest possible level.

Architectural Maintenance

Architectural Maintenance are consist of building appearance and performance of exterior  view such as :

  • Repainting Wall and Structural Surface
  • Repair Mortar Plaster and repainting
  • Glass curtain cleaning and coulking waterproofing

Building Mechanical & Electrical Maintenance

Including our service for interior are :

  • Sanitary Fixtures: Wastafel, Closet, Urinal
  • Air Conditioner: Indoor and Outdoor unit, chiller
  • Lighting: All type of lighting indoor and outdoor
  • Vertical Transportation Passanger & Cargo Lift
  • Hoisting System: Overhead & Gantry System

Interior Finishing Maintenance

Including our service for interior are :

  • Repainting and change wall paper to the wall
  • Changing carpet, vinyl, tile, granite stone or epoxy to floor
  • Changing accoustic, plaster board, gyptile, repainting to ceiling
  • Changing hardware, accessories or modification size to door & window


We also offer servies of New Waterproofing, remedial waterproofing for various type with various material such as asphalt membrane, cement base and exposed waterproofing.