PT. Jaya Obayashi committed to provide quality, professional consultancy and management services within Mechanical & Electrical engineering to the highest level of client satisfaction, foster good engineering practices and be environmental-concious. Our Mechanical & Electrical services range from planning, designing, construction management and after service. These services are delivered by an experienced proactive team of Mechanical & Electrical engineers & technicians with intensive experience.


Plan / Engineering

As a planner we propose best plan & solution for HVAC system, power supply system, communication system, process support system based on client request.



We also produce high quality design based on PT. Jaya Obayashi standard.


Construction Management

With an experienced proactive team engineers & technicians with extensive experience, we manage and drive project through the construction by doing:

  • Quality Control
  • Safety Control
  • Periodic Control
  • Coordination with client & other vendors

After Service

And after the construction phase we also provide “after service” that perform :

  • Monitor equipment operation
  • Take prompt action for trouble shooting