PT. Jaya Obayashi keeps up the international quality standards in all operations, ensuring the safety of all involved parties, and pay attention to environmental impacts. We also provide advisory for other buildings that aspire to reach the same standard of Safety, Quality, and Environment.

Safety Management

  • OHSAS 18001 Continual Improvement for Safety
    All safety & health activities are based on OHSAS system.
  • PT. JAYA OBAYASHI Takes Good Care of All Concerned People
    [SPIRIT] :
    We ensure the safety & health of all workers at construction sites and promote the formation of comfortable work place environments by controlling and deciding all OH&S risks, and executing the OH&S management system in order to prevent the injury and ill health.[SAFETY & HEALTH POLICY] :
    • Observe all OH&S legal requirement & company requirement
    • Appropriate implementation of OH&S management system
    • Improve the sub-contractor’s management of OH&S
    • Prevent the injury and ill health
    • Provide the process “Plan-D0-Check-Action” and push the OH&S continual activities

Quality Management

  • ISO 9001 Continual Improvement for Quality
    All quality activities are based on quality management system.
  • Responsibilities Based on Craftmanship
    Based on the implementation of continual improvement, to increase customer satisfaction, we provide buildings by customer with confidence, satisfaction and pride.

Environmental Management System

  • ISO 14001 Continual Improvement for Environment
    All environment activities are based on ISO 14001 system
  • Contribution for Community by Consideration Conversation for Environment
    [SPIRIT] :
    PT. Jaya Obayashi place independent approaches for environment problems & commit continual improvement as one of important matter and attempt to give contribution to surrounding.[ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY] :
    • Observe all legal requirement & company requirement related to environment
    • Implementation of Environmental Managament System
    • Prevention of pollution from construction activities
    • Improve & support sub-contractors according to environmental management system
    • Provide “Plan-Do-Check-Action” process and push environmental system continual activities