Asia Obayashi Design Forum 2023

APRHQ, the Asia Branch of Obayashi Corporation overseeing Obayashi Group companies and construction offices in Asia, held its first Asia Obayashi Design Forum from February 15 to 17, 2023. AOD Forum 2023 was fully supported by Tokyo HQ Design Division. Mr. Onojima, Mr. Nakamura and Mr. Tsuzuki were our special guests from Tokyo HQ and members from TOC/OVC/JOC/OSPL participated actively in the Forum. The purpose of the event is to bring design professionals from the Asia offices to cross the borders and interact to have better understanding of the design works from each office.

Representatives from Jaya Obayashi, one of the group companies, were also present at the event. The company delegated staff from its Design Department, MEP Department, and Data Centre Construction Team to participate in the forum. Ms. Erly Prihatiningsih and Mr. Junichi Nakajima represented the Design Department, Mr. Chandra Firman represented the MEP Department, and Mr. Benny Mario Lomo represented the Data Centre Construction Team.

The Design Forum was a three-day event that had an extensive agenda covering various aspects of the construction and engineering industry. On the first day, the event started with an introduction, followed by a lookback at Fiscal Year 2022. The participants then showcased their projects, discuss about the project challenges, project defects, lessons learnt, and actively involved in discussions on improving quality of design.

On the second day of the event, the participants had a site visit to two of much acclaimed operational buildings. One of the buildings is called “The Hive” building at Nanyang Technical University with its unique architectural and structural design and the second building is“SDE4”  at the National University of Singapore which is Singapore’s first new – built net zero energy building. After the site visits followed by critical design appreciation workshop about the buildings by the participants from regional offices where the participants exchanged ideas and discussed learning points from the site visits such as innovative solutions to common problems faced in the industry. In the evening, the participants enjoyed a dinner party that provided them with an opportunity to network and build stronger relationships.

On the final day of the event, the members of the Asia Digital Lab  (ADL) presented the latest technologies and applications. ADL is an open innovation base focused on research and implementation. It has a diverse team made up of a network of architects, engineers, and construction professionals from Obayashi group companies, Japan HQ and Asia-Pacific HQ. ADL members introduced Digital Twin, ClimateStudio, Revizto and had a Live Demonstration for Trimble Hololens.

Overall, the Asia Obayashi Design Forum was a huge success, providing an excellent opportunity for design and engineering professionals from Obayashi group companies to exchange ideas and knowledge. The event helped to foster better interaction and understanding between Design units of Japan HQ, Asia Pacific Regional HQ and group companies, which will undoubtedly lead to better design quality and more innovative solutions for our projects in the future.


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