SQE Policy

SQE Policy

PT Jaya Obayashi adheres to international management system standards (ISO 45001, ISO 9001 & ISO 14001) and places great importance on occupational health and safety. We enforce strict safety regulations and standards that comply with legal requirements to ensure a safe working environment for our employees during working hours.
We prioritize ensuring occupational health and safety during working hours to establish a secure working environment.
To achieve this, we have devised safety regulations and standards that adhere to all legal and other relevant requirements.


Safety International Standard ISO 45001:2018

We prioritize the safety and health of all workers present at our construction sites, and strive to create comfortable workplace environments by effectively managing and controlling all OH&S risks. Our implementation of the OH&S management system is geared towards injury and ill health prevention.


Quality International Standard ISO 90001:2015

Our primary objective is to offer our customers buildings that they can rely on with confidence, satisfaction, and pride. Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority, and we continually enhance our management system, with a particular focus on quality, to meet and exceed our quality objectives.


Environmental International Standard ISO 14001:2015

We demonstrate our commitment to environmental conservation by continually improving and evaluating our plans and actions to prevent any potential environmental damage. Our goal is to create a sustainable and well-developed environment that maintains a delicate balance between human progress and ecological well-being.