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Mangrove Tree Planting: A Small Movement for the Extraordinary Impact on the Future

Living at the intersection of land and sea, mangrove forests provide ideal habitats for fish, crustaceans, and other organisms seeking food and shelter. Their dense tangle of prop roots stabilizes coastlines and are well adapted to the daily rise and fall of tides. And now the world’s mangrove forests are being degraded and lost at an alarming rate between 35-50%. That condition triggered us to support the conservation of mangrove trees as our commitment to grow sustainability for the future.


Annual Contribution to Kampung Kids

We put concern on disadvantaged kids considering that they are the future generation of Indonesia. This has become our trigger to keep the sustainability of Kampung Kids.

We are moved to make their lives easier and put a smile on their faces because we believe, wherever Jaya Obayashi is built, it shall provide benefits to the surrounding community


Corporate Ethics Training

On December 21st, 2023, PT Jaya Obayashi conducted Corporate Ethics Training for Fiscal Year March 2024 in both office and site members virtually.