PT Jaya Obayashi is dedicated to providing college students with opportunities for On The Job training. Our organization takes great pleasure in enriching students’ knowledge about working in fields that they have never experienced before. This program not only helps them gain critical work skills but also allows them to decide if their chosen career path is right for them. Moreover, it provides them with the opportunity to make valuable work contacts, which can act as an important stepping-stone to securing a job and climbing the first rung on the career ladder.

At PT Jaya Obayashi, we believe in supporting the continued growth and development of our program participants. As a part of this commitment, we prioritize those who have previously participated in our program to rejoin us in the future once they have graduated. We believe that this demonstrates our dedication to their future success in their chosen careers.

In conclusion, we are passionate about providing students with hands-on experience in their field of study, and we believe that our program is an excellent way to achieve this goal. Our commitment to prioritizing program participants to rejoin us after graduation highlights our commitment to their long-term growth and development. We look forward to continuing to support students in their pursuit of their career goals.