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Obayashi develops a wide range of construction technology with the aim of meeting the needs of society and our customers. The Obayashi Technical Research Institute (Techno-station) is where we consolidate all of our research on technologies effort. The institution not only promotes research and development of technologies for improving safety and peace of mind but also technologies for reducing the environmental impact and completion time of construction.

Techno-station, Obayashi’s main technical research Institute


Japan’s first fully-wooden and fire resistant high rise structure. 

Obayashi supports Japan’s effort to increase the use of wood in architecture to maintain a healthy balance for forests in Japan. Transitioning building structures from steel and concrete to wood is an idea to be considered in Indonesia,
since we are a country with abundant timber material resources.
We at Obayashi Corporation aim to create a more sustainable society by pushing the boundaries of wood in the design and construction of new buildings, aligned with our Obayashi Wood Vision.