Obayashi Basic Principles

President's Greeting

Obayashi Philosophy

Obayashi’s Vision and Mission in Society

A Leading Sustainability Company

  1. 1 Exercise honest craftsmanship with superior technologies and create new value in every space.
  2. 2 Care for the global environment and create solutions to social challenges as a good corporate citizen.
  3. 3 Value each person with a stake in our business.

By keeping these promises, Obayashi Corporation contributes to realizing a sustainable society.

Obayashi Code of Conduct

These guidelines help us realize the Obayashi Philosophy and continue being an enterprise trusted by all stakeholders

Fulfill our social mission

(1) Provide high-quality buildings, infrastructure, and services
We earn the trust of customers by providing safe, secure, high-quality buildings, infrastructure, and services, exercising honest craftsmanship, and employing innovative technologies.
(2) Foster an environmentally responsible society
We foster a sustainable society with a low carbon footprint, a commitment to recycling, and a deep respect for the natural world.
(3) Value every one of our associates
We ensure the health and safety of all employees and workers in a work environment where they can exercise their unique character and talents and feel motivated.
(4) Build stronger mutual trust with suppliers
We conduct fair transactions with suppliers and build stronger mutual trust with them as partners who can grow with us.
(5) Build good relationships with communities
We respect local cultures and customs wherever we work and promote harmony with society as a good corporate citizen.


Ensure strict adherence to corporate ethics

(1) Comply with laws and regulations and take a sensible course of action
We comply with laws and regulations and take a sensible course of action while striving to foster a strong awareness of ethics in each director and employee.
(2) Promote fair and free competition
We maintain and develop a sound market by promoting fair and free competition in accordance with antitrust laws and other relevant laws and regulations.
(3) Maintain appropriate relationships with stakeholders
We maintain appropriate relationships with all stakeholders, including politicians and government administrations, customers, shareholders, employees, business partners, and communities.
(4) Avoid all contact with antisocial forces
We resolutely avoid any contact or transactions with antisocial forces such as organized crime groups that disrupt social order and public safety.
(5) Ensure appropriate information disclosure and transparency of management
We ensure management transparency by actively and appropriately disclosing corporate information to the public.

Obayashi Three Pledges

The spirit that has guided us since our founding

Quality, Value, and Efficiency