Partnership with Obayashi Corporation Japan

Over the years, PT Jaya Obayashi has sent its employees to Obayashi Corporation Japan to learn about construction scope and technology, as well as integrity and responsibility. We understand the importance of learning from industry leaders and strive to implement their best practices in our organization. As the future generation of PT Jaya Obayashi, we […]

Internship Opportunities

PT Jaya Obayashi is dedicated to providing college students with opportunities for On The Job training. Our organization takes great pleasure in enriching students’ knowledge about working in fields that they have never experienced before. This program not only helps them gain critical work skills but also allows them to decide if their chosen career […]

PT Jaya Obayashi’s Scholarship Program

  The importance of investing in the education and development of college students is our concern. We view them as the future leaders who will drive Indonesia towards a brighter future. For the purpose of supporting their growth and development, we create a Scholarship Program that provides them the opportunity to work with us once […]

Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Since 1972, Jaya Obayashi has inherited the Japanese Obayashi Corporation’s DNA to provide high-quality construction services in Indonesia. Originally, Jaya Obayashi served customers only from Japan who wanted to invest in Indonesia. However, in 2019, new opportunities emerged from other countries that would invest in Indonesia, particularly in the Data Center field. As a result, […]